normady leopards


In engaging me as your guide / driver guide you agree to these terms. I, Colin McGarry, am an accredited private guide with a VTC chauffeur permit. I conduct the tours personally.


We will normally follow an itinerary asked for by you or suggested by me or a mixture of both. I sometimes vary the itinerary to include lesser sites. This is to keep me from becoming stale and so for your benefit. Rarely, for reasons outside my control , certain sites can be inaccessible. ( governement shutdown closed the cemetery for three weeks. 7th june 2014 giant traffic jams blocked access to Pointe du Hoc, omaha beach and the american cemetery. Freak storm in 2013 caused the closure of the cemetery for three days to clear up fallen trees, Ceremonies around 6th june can make certain sites practically inaccessible or just too long to visit.)


A days tour lasts around 8,5 hours. No refund will be given for forshortening the tour in the case of:
You wishing to return early to your hotel.
You wishing to catch an early train.
The weather leading to spending less time on certain sites
Sites being inacessible.
If the tour stretches slightly over 8.5hours , as it often does, no problem.
If you request an itinerary requiring over 9 hours duration the hours will be counted at the rate of 40€ per hour.
A half day tour is 4.5 hours. Extending over 4,5 hours, the time will be counted at 40€ per hour.


Seat belts for all passengers are compulsary in France and gendarmes sometime check. Visiting sandy beaches inevitably brings sand into the car. This cant be avoided and can be cleared with a few minutes vacuum cleaning. Stains on upholstery, on the other hand, take a long time to get rid of and can be avoided. So please NO COFFEE, NO SODA, NO PASTRIES, NO CHOCOLATE to be consumed in the car. I provide veryone with a bottle of water.


In the case that I should be incapacited or unable to conduct the tour for any reason I will do the utmost to find a competant guide to replace me. In the high season, when most guides are fully booked, this could prove to be impossible. Any sums paid before hand will be refunded. No further damages can be claimed.


During a tour we will be in publicly accessible places which nevertheless sometimes have some element of risk. Raised walk ways with no railings, lanes through dunes covered in sand, gravelly slopes. Pointe du hoc is such a place , which adds to it's charm. Leaving the laid out paths increases the element of risk (re-bar sticking out the ground, un pathed steep slopes.) If we leave the paths at Pointe du hoc I will ask if you wish to do so. If you feel you can't negotiate the terrain comfortably or safely please tell me and we'll go another way or go back. Children love to climb on bunkers and run down into bomb craters. Your children do that under your responsibilty.


As laid out in the cancelation policy, in the event of you cancelling up to 14 days before the date, all sums paid will be refunded. In the event of cancelation within 14 days of the tour date a forfait sum of 100€ will be retained.


Any litigation will be refered to the tribunal d'instance in Caen 14000 France.