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The men in the street who became soldiers.

Pegasus bridge was the first action of D-day and the only operation to go as planned.

One of the 2 American airborne divisions on D-day was the 82nd . "AA" was their arm patch.

Dick Winters own account of D-day and after.

Donald Burgett was 506th A co. Dropped 15 miles from his objective, this is his account of Normandy.

After two months of stalemate, this was the finale.

Hill 112 was a strategic hill to the East of Caen. It was fought over for weeks. Became the Somme of Normandy.

A detailed look at the planning that went into D-day.

The first of a trilogy by Mark Zeuhkle on the canadians in Normandy. This is just the 6th June.

The second of Mark Zeuhkle trilogy. This is from the 7th June.

Taking Caen and advancing on Falaise. The third volume in the trilogy on the D-day and battle of Normandy.

The book from which the HBO series was adapted. Follows easy Co from training to the Eagles nest

Don Malarky's personal account of being with the band of brothers (E Company 506th)

The 29th division moving inland from Omaha beach.

Stories of the 101st in Normandy by Mark Bando the 101st specialist.

More stories of the 101st by MarK Bando

The story of the 3rd battalion 101st 506th in Normandy.

A guide to the action at Merville battery. Taken by 9th para under the orders of LT Col Ottway. Instead of the planned 600 men, he had 150, but succeeded anyway.

The Horsa and Pegasus bridges by Carl Shilleto

D-day by two battle field guides



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Zoomable D-day and Battle of Normandy map.


D-day self guides _ a guide project in your pocket


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