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General EisenhowerThe landing zone covers 55 miles of coast from Sword beach, North of Caen, to Utah beach, on the East coast of the Cherbourg peninsula. On each flank the airborne troops were landing which added abut 10 miles on each end making the whole zone 75 miles wide.

88mm gunD-day and the battle of normandy lasted two and a half months and by then the allies had moved 100 miles inland. Some themes in the battle of Normandy are the taking of St Lo, Totalise, Cobra, the Falaise gap.

Ruins of Saint LoThe landing zone of the normandy invasion is the most popular theme for many visitors to normandy but normandy is much more than just the normandy invasion. I will give you a multi dimensional view of normandy.

Longues gun battery casemate So, however long you stay in Normandy, you have much to see.

A few sample tours

These itineraries are just suggestions. The advantage of a private tour is that you can adapt it to your wishes.

Utah beach to American cemetery

- including ** st mére eglise, German cemetery, Utah beach , Point du hoc, Omaha beach, colleville cemetery.

Point du hoc to pegasus bridge

- including ** la cambe cemetery, Point du hoc Omaha beach, colleville cemetery, longues gun battery, arromanche, gold beach, courseulles - juno beach, hillman bunker, pegasus bridge.

The British Canadian sector

- including** Pegasus bridge, Hillman bunker, Sword beach, Douvres radar station, Tailleville Chateau (taken by the Canadian North shore regiment), Berniers, Gary sur mer AVRE, Arromanches, Longues gun battery

The British airborne

- including ** Sword beach commandos, Pegasus bridge, Ranville, Cemetery, Amfreville, Varaville, Merville gun battery

American airborne sector

- including** Ste Mere eglise, La Fiere, Neuville au PLain, Chef du Pont, General Falley shot by Lt Brannen, Angoville au plain, Purple heart lane, Carentan,

Battle of normandy - vire valley and st lo

- including** graignes (site of massacre), st fromond, St lo, hill 192, couvin, la chapelle en juger (where the operation cobra started)

Battle of normandy - falaise pocket

- including** falaise, montormel memorial, St leonard, chambord, the ford at St leonard, Vimoutier - (the only tiger tank in normandy)

** depending on your inclination and the time available.

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